How It Got Started

We are a team of passionate data scientists and marketers determined to enable E-commerce businesses with data-driven marketing by providing our data science expertise.

Over the years, we have seen a great deal of challenges faced by our clients when using other marketing analytics software to optimise their marketing campaigns, advertising spend and increase ROI.


They didn't know what worked and what didn't work. 


Most importantly, they didn't know what to do next even after looking at the reporting dashboards. Having seen this problem firsthand, we thought there must be a better way — hence BeamDance was born.

At BeamDance, we believe that marketing performance shouldn't be a black box and that you should be able to leverage data-driven marketing for your E-commerce business without breaking the bank.

To achieve this, we decided to build a modern marketing analytics platform from the ground up for

E-commerce businesses and marketers. 


The result? A platform delivered as a service that’s powerful and simple to use for you to optimise your marketing spend and improve ROI by knowing what works, what doesn't, and most importantly, what to do.

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How It Works


  • Easy setup for data collection from your E-commerce website and integration from different marketing channels

  • Measure accurate ROI from different marketing channels, campaigns and ads in real time

  • Compute actual performance of each marketing channel using algorithmic multi-touch attribution


  • Once the setup is completed, sit back and start seeing actionable insights & recommendations

  • Get the full view of your marketing performance across different channels, campaigns, and ads

  • Understand the full customer journey and behaviour that led to conversions

  • Display intuitive dashboards and reports with all important insights that you can take actions on right away 


  • With our actionable insights and recommendations, you can now focus on your business without wondering what to do next

  • Optimize your marketing campaigns and budget allocation to generate higher ROI

  • Segment your audience with higher purchase intent and send targeted emails or ads to drive more sales

  • Identify opportunities in real time and tell you which areas to double down for maximum ROI

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The Future of E-commerce Marketing is Data-Driven

BeamDance helps SME & Marketers in E-commerce to optimise their marketing campaigns & advertising spend for higher ROI using data-driven attribution and actionable insights.

More Clarity. Better Decisions. Higher ROI.

... all at a lower cost.


Know What To Do with Actionable Insights & Recommendation in Real Time

No more looking at your dashboard and wondering what you need to do next.

With BeamDance, we do the heavy lifting and recommend actionable insights that are data-driven and customised to your business. Empowered with clarity and insights, you can act fast, make better decisions to improve ROI in the ever-changing market — all in real time.

Know What Works & What Doesn't Work

Leverage our proprietary tracking system and advanced multi-touch attribution models driven by machine learning to know what's working and what is not across different marketing channels, campaigns and ads.

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Intuitive Dashboard To Setup & Use

Easy setup with our smooth onboarding guide and gain a holistic view of your marketing campaigns all in one place with different level of granularity.


View and generate reports with all important insights that you can share with your stakeholders or take actions on right away. Simple as that.

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Built for E-commerce Businesses & Marketers

Understanding marketing performance shouldn't be a black box. Most importantly, it should be affordable and accessible.

By empowering you with clarity and actionable insights, your 

E-commerce business and marketing campaigns will never be the same again.